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Crawler Research Institute Inc.


Power Play® Power Play

Software product and service that broadcast the associated information to the picture objects in the movies on the Internet thru Ad-Hoc event trigger.


  1. Hook events to the movie with time line and geography of the frame
  2. Events and triggers are kept on the overlay, maintain the movie intact
  3. Easy editor require no technical professionals
  4. Detail view analysis by movie imeline


Software product and service that add the ad-hoc link functions to the still pictures and documents. Enable users to generate own website without the knowledge of HTML and complicated web tools .


  1. Attach links to still pictures and sites
  2. Link resides in the overlay, keep original media intact
  3. Wysiwyg based editor requires NO HTML knowledge
  4. Detail footprint analysis

Composite Vision

New machine vision sensor network that grows from a simple vision appliance to the full functional multidirectional vision system with deep learning analysis, which aims to adapt the ever growing customer's business and it's requirement


  1. Three tiered structure for adaptable capacity
  2. Easy Administration enables DIY operation
  3. System grows as recognition demands grows