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Power Play® Power Play

Power Play is the software service suits that convert customers video contents into powerful marketing communication tools on the internet. Power Play equips movies with clickable inducer which appears at a specific timeline of the movie to raise uses attention. The Inducer initiates event that may bring further information or urges users to come to the specific WEB site. Power Play accumulates fine contents view-data and users play-data as marketing information and for evaluation of communication strategy.
Event may be the play of new video in PinP, open of the related WEB site, etc. Event Editor enables users to define Tags and Events easily so that it does not need IT specialists. For the site, Power Play collects statistic data, preference order of video content and view time. For each video content, Power Play collects users playback activities by clickpoint on the timeline. Stat Viewer offers user friendly analysis view of logged data.

Product Components

PowerPlay DEMO

The Demonstration starts by play botton of the player. Rectangles on the movie shows that the related event is defined on the spot. Clicking the rectangle induces one of the events such as linkout to the specific URL, showing additional comments, or playing another movies on PinP. Rectangles are shown for the Demo purpose, but in commercial use, these are configured to be either Not-Show or Show only Mouse is ON.

Applied Case

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